SRC Security Systems Limited:
Solid Physical Security protection

operating in Chelmsford, Essex, London and throughout the South East


Our range of Physical Security options should form an essential part of your overall protection plan.


Necessary, secure protection from SRC Security Systems with our huge range of Safes and Locks.


Combine our Physical Securities with our electronic systems for a complete, security protection plan.

Our Physical Security Systems


Protect your valuables with our huge range of coded or key entry Safes. We offer options for both domestic and commercial use.


Locks are an essential security solution for everyone. We offer a huge variety of specifications to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Safe, secure and strong: Our Safes

Leigh Safes offering great physical security

We offer a huge range of Safes, including:

Home safes

 Wall safes

 Key safes

 Floor safes

Offering the ultimate protection for your valuables.

Mechanical Locks

A necessary part of your overall security, we install:

 Door locks

 Window locks

 Coded entry locks

Specialist locks

A major element of your home or business security.

Physical security locks